Stay Healthy, Stay Safe, Stay Home, Stay Alert

A message for Cedar Grove residents. As of the last update we have well over 40 confirmed cases of COVID-19 being reported by county officials. No deaths have been officially reported to date however we do suspect there have been some. Police, Fire and EMS are operating as normal. Police are at full strength and no officers are out. The fire department is also at full strength with no members out. EMS is operating normally at a slightly higher volume of calls. They are handling numerous calls for service including calls with persons that are confirmed COVID-19 patients and those presenting the more severe respiratory symptoms. We are meeting and working with the surrounding communities, county and state officials ready to assist each other if needed. We have received additional PPE from the Essex County OEM and lots of donations from our residents and local manufactures. To reduce the strain on local responders, when appropriate and in non-emergent situations, consider contacting your doctor or an urgent care for medical advice. In emergencies do not hesitate, dial 911, and answer the questions you will be asked the best you can. In non-emergent situations and you feel that you must go to the hospital consider self-transportation to the hospital. Go to the CDC COVID-19 Site “What to Do if You Are Sick “below for more information. Thank you all for the donations, food, and thoughts. Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Home, Stay Alert. 

-J. Cirasa Chief of Police