Accessibility Policy

Policy Statement

Cedar Grove is committed to ensuring accessibility of its website to people with disabilities. New and updated web content produced by our organization will meet WCAG 2.0, Level AA criteria.

This policy does not stipulate any particular technology or design approach. The aim is to maximize access to and use of Cedar Grove website by people with disabilities.

Need for Policy

The June 2011 World Health Organization (WHO) Report on Disability estimated that there are a billion people with disabilities. Many of these disabilities can affect access to information technologies, and/or can benefit from the use of information technologies including the Web.

Accessibility of the Web is of critical importance to people with disabilities around the world, including people with auditory, cognitive, physical, neurological, and visual disabilities, and is likewise important to those with accessibility needs due to aging.

Providing accessible web content can also benefit people who do not have disabilities but who are experiencing situational barriers. For instance, when accessing the Web from devices with small screens or in low bandwidth situations, or when experiencing barriers due to language or literacy levels, accessibility solutions can also support improved access.

Cedar Grove is committed to ensuring equal access for people with disabilities.

Syndicated Content

Elements of Cedar Grove websites might include web content syndicated from other providers. For example, a social media stream.

When considering a syndication service for inclusion in any of Cedar Grove websites, any service review should include an evaluation of the accessibility of the service. Such evaluations must form a part of the service selection criteria.

Where a service is selected with known accessibility issues, Cedar Grove will develop or procure a solution that ensures the content delivered via Cedar Grove websites meets the policy standards.

Policy Review

This policy shall be reviewed at least once a year.


Please phone 973-239-1410 if you have any accessibility concerns.

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