Public Works Department

General Information

340 Little Falls Road,
Cedar Grove, New Jersey 07009


8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Phone Numbers

Department Phone Number
Engineering (973) 239-1410 x280
Road (973) 239-1410 x280
Sewer (973) 239-1410 x282
Water (973) 239-1410 x283
Water/Sewer Billing (973) 239-1410 x212
Director of Public Works (973) 239-1410 x280
Parks (973) 239-1410 x280

Miscellaneous Information

Tire Disposal

Drop off your old tires at the DPW office. Cost per tire is $2.00 for car and most light truck tires and $10.00 for larger truck tires. Tires mounted on rims are not accepted.

Leaf Bag Sales

Biodegradable leaf bags are available at the DPW office all year. Cost is $0.25 per bag, $1.25 for bags or 60 bags for $15.00.

Disposal of Tree Branches

Tree branches must be cut in four foot lengths and tied in bundles fifty pounds or less for collection on your vegetative waste/recycling collection day.

2023-24 Recycling and Garbage Collection Calendar and Guide : CLICK HERE


a smart phone notification tool that helps simplify curbside recycling by providing zone-specific reminders detailing curbside pickup items. Remyndr is a free and simple app that will notify you the night before any curbside collection, tell you what goes out for pickup and alert you when there is a problem.

For the list of Special Recycling days (ex. hazardous waste, tires, electronics) run by Essex County- CLICK HERE

Engineering Department

Misc. Permits

Homeowners are advised that work on curbing, sidewalks, road openings, etc. require permits from the Engineering office. Be advised that other construction activities may also require additional permits, however these permits can be obtained at the Building Department.

If you have a question regarding the need for a permit for your proposed activity please call the Building Department at 973-239-1410, extension 246 or the Engineering Office at
973-239-1410, extension 280 for clarification.

Public Works Department Documents

Stormwater Grant ApplicationPDF
Remyndr App FlyerInstructions on installing Remyndr AppPDF
2023-24 Recycling GuidePDF

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