Cedar Grove Community Pool


Pool Rates 2021

Membership One Fee All Season
Resident Family $568
Additional household members, with proof of ID $75/child; $100/adult
Resident Individual $406
Resident Couple or Parent/Child $484
Babysitter (valid M-F, children must be present) $150
Resident Senior (age 62+) $195
Non-Resident Family $1,200
Non-Resident Individual $650
Non-Resident Senior $410

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Text CGPOOL to 888-777 for all Pool Notifications. This includes; pool closings, special pool events, membership information & more!

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Payment Information

Applications are to be mailed or dropped off to:

Cedar Grove Recreation, 525 Pompton Ave. Cedar Grove NJ, 07009

*There will be a box located on table in Town Hall Lobby for Pool Membership Only. Please be sure to have everything in a sealed envelope*

*CHECKS MADE PAYABLE TO TOWNSHIP OF CEDAR GROVE* – Please note there are to be separate checks for pool membership, insurance (if purchased) and swim lessons (if purchased)

Badge Pick-Up Dates

Badge pick-up will be held at front doors of Cedar Grove Pool from 4:30-7:30pm on the following dates;

  • Monday April 12th
  • Wednesday May 12th
  • Friday May 28th

Pool Schedule 2021

Pool will open weekends only beginning on Saturday May 29th. The pool is open full time from June 19th through September 6th

  • Weekdays; 12:00pm – 7:00pm
  • Saturdays & Holidays; 11:00am-7:00pm
  • Sundays; 11:00am-6:00pm

*Pool Hours will change in August when lighting prohibits swimming.

*The pool will close at 5:00pm on Tuesday, August 3rd for Cedar Grove Night Out. (This is subject to change)

Pool Membership

Pool membership consists of; Township residents, full-time municipal employees, Board of Education employees and a limited number of Non-Resident members.

Family Membership – NEW INFORMATION

Family Membership includes; A family of husband and wife/civil union couple and their unmarried children residing in the same household. Any other person(s) that live in the household must submit proof of ID with matching address with their registration and will pay an additional $100/adult and $75/child. This membership does not apply to any person(s) visiting for the summer. You must bring the (visiting) person(s) as a guest (if permitted at some point in the summer) or pay for an out-of-town family membership.


Any person 62 years old and older.

FOR PAAD ONLY-To be eligible for a discounted senior citizen rate, applicant must also qualify for PAAD (Pharmaceutical Assistance to the Aged and Disability). This does not include Medicaid or Medicare. You must submit up to date PAAD cards for discount.

Married Couple/Civil Union or Parent/Child

Covers two adults with no children OR one parent with one child.


Individual memberships are available for ages 18 and above.


There will be no guests permitted with members this pool season as of now. As you know we will only be allowing a percentage of our capacity enter the pool this summer, so we want to give our members the opportunity to get in. If NJ executive orders loosen through the summer, this is subject to change.

Early Bird Swim

Early Bird Swim is for Adult Members Only on Mondays through Thursdays starting June 21st and ending August 19th 7:00-9:00 am.

Swim Team

As of now the league hasn’t decided if meets are going to be in-person or regular. There will most likely be no spectators allowed to swim meets if they are held in-person. If we decide to do regular meets, CG Home meets will be held on Friday mornings. We may also decide to not do the league and run in-house meets, which will also be held on Friday mornings. The Team is provided for children ages 6 through 12th grade, who can swim one lap without stopping.

Swim Lessons

Group Swim Lessons are offered at the Cedar Grove Pool for a fee of $20.00/child for pool members. Non-pool members are eligible to join starting on May 21st for a fee of $100.00/child. You are only permitted to register for ONE session. All classes are limited to a certain amount of participants.

We will also hold Parent & Me Lessons for the same pricing.

Eligibility for swim lessons; Children must be 4 years old by the start of lessons, and be able to stand at the shallow end of pool (3.5 ft. depth) with their heads above the water.

Eligibility for Parent & Me; Children must be 2 years old by the start of the lessons.

Payment and Other Information;

  • Separate check needed. Please do not put swim lessons on the same check as pool membership.
  • Checks made payable to Township of Cedar Grove.
  • For cancellations due to inclement weather text CGPOOL to #888777

Additional Rules

Please see the community pool application for additional rules and information below.

Pool Forms and Applications

Swim LessonsAll classes are limited to a certain amount of participants.PDF
Swim Lesson DescriptionChoose your child’s class level based on these descriptions.PDF
Pool Information & RulesPlease read through all rules and info before applying.PDF
Cedar Grove Pool COVID-19 Pool Operation Preparation PlanPDF
2021 Pool Membership ApplicationPlease be sure to read all Pool Information & Rules prior to submitting applicationPDF