Local Supplemental Violations Bureau Schedules

Pursuant to R. 7:7-3, the following Local Supplemental Violations Bureau Schedule of designated offenses and payable amounts has been approved by the vicinage Assignment Judge and shall be in affect for offenses committed on and after June 30, 2004. This schedule shall be prominently posted for public inspection at the location of the Violation Bureau.

The Local Supplemental Violations Bureau Schedules that were prepared pursuant to R. 7:7-3 for offenses committed prior to the effective date of this Schedule are on file with the Municipal Court Administrator and are available for public inspection review upon request.

Part 1: Traffic Section Designated Offenses

251-7Overnight Parking$35
137-2Fire Zone$60
251-22Designation of Snow Emergency No-Parking Area$60
251-23Posting of Signs$60
251-32No Parking within limits of BD, of ED. Property$60
251-9Parking Time Limited$35
251-37Overnight Parking$35
251-6No Parking Anytime$75
251-29No Parking Designated Spaces$60
251-11Overweight Truck Prohibited$75
251-8No Stopping or Standing 11:30 AM - 3:30 PM$75

Part 1: Non-Traffic Section Designated Offenses

91-3Unlicensed Dog$30
91-20Unlicensed C at$30
91-9Dog Running at Large$35
190-4Canvassing Without a Permit$60
81-9BFalse Alarm 3rd & 4th Violation$35
81-9AFalse Alarm 5th - 9th Violation$100
81-9CFalse Alarm 10th and Subsequent$150

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