Finance Department

Lubna Muneer is the Chief Financial Officer of the Township of Cedar Grove. Lubna holds many certifications issued by the State of New Jersey Division of Local Government Services, including CMFO, CCFO, RMC, QPA, and CTC. She earned her Master’s Degree in Finance (Specialization in Financial Analysis) from New Jersey City University and MPA from Rutgers University. Lubna takes great pride in paying close attention to detail and ensuring that the Township is in sound financial standing so that taxes remain low and services remain high. Should you need to contact the finance department, please email Lubna Muneer at

The Finance department is responsible for the following transactions:

  1. Preparing Annual Debt Statement
  2. Preparing Annual Financial Statement
  3. Working with the Township Manager to Prepare and Adopt the Municipal Budget While
    Ensuring Compliance
  4. Overseeing All Accounts Payable and Tendering Payment of Invoices
  5. Overseeing All Transactions Related to Revenue and Disbursements.
  6. Cash Management
  7. Payroll Operations
  8. Data Processing

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