Licenses, Permits & Non-Solicitation Requests

Listed below are licenses/permits processed through the Municipal Clerk’s Office. Applications may be obtained directly from the Municipal Clerk’s Office or printed here, filled out, and submitted to the Municipal Clerk’s Office with appropriate fees and required documentation, either by mail or in person. To print an application click on the type of license desired. All applications must be submitted with original signatures, including licenses that require submission of multiple copies of an application (ABC and BINGO/RAFFLE).

License/Permit Expiration Date Fee Municipal Code Reference
ABC Retail Alcoholic Beverage July 1 $150 – $2002 Chapter 83
Amusement Business December 31 $5 – $250 Chapter 88
Amusement Device December 31 $35 – $200 Chapter 86
Bingo Date of Bingo State Fee & $20 payable to Township of Cedar Grove Chapter 97
Business Owner Insurance Registry Chapter 162
Canvassing/Soliciting/Peddling December 31 $50 Chapter 190
Non-Solicitation Request Chapter 190
Filming Variable $25/$75 plus Daily Film Fee Chapter 135
Gas Station December 31 $100 Chapter 148
Limousine/Taxi December 31 $25 – $35/ea Chapter 242
Limousine/Taxi Driver December 31 $10 Chapter 242
Outdoor Sidewalk Cafe October 31 $100 Chapter 230
Raffle Date of Raffle State Fee & $20 payable to Township of Cedar Grove Chapter 97
Rental Property, Multi-Family August 31 $100 Chapter 208
Rental Property, Single-Family August 31 $50 Chapter 208
Sale/Storage of Christmas Trees December 31 $100 Chapter 116
Towing December 31 No Permit Fee Chapter 244

License and Permit Applications

Retail Alcoholic Beverage ApplicationPDF
Rental Property, Single-Family RegistrationPDF
Rental Property, Multi-Family RegistrationPDF
Raffle LicensePDF
Outdoor Sidewalk Cafe LicensePDF
Non-Solicitation Request (Do Not Knock)PDF
Limousine/Taxi LicensePDF
Limousine/Taxi Driver LicensePDF
Gas Station LicensePDF
Filming Permit ApplicationPDF
Christmas Tree Sale/Storage LicensePDF
Canvassing PermitPDF
Business Owner Insurance RegistryPDF
Bingo LicensePDF
Application for Licence for Mechanical Amusement GamesPDF
Amusement Business LicensePDF

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