Planning/Zoning Department

Board Meetings

Planning Board

1st & 3rd Tuesday of every month @ 7:30pm.

Zoning Board of Adjustment

2nd Tuesday of every month @ 7:30pm.

Planning/Zoning Department Documents

Zoning Board of Adjustment ApplicationPDF
Zoning Bd Dial In 9-8-20PDF
Zoning Bd Dial In 8-11-20PDF
Zoning Bd Civil PlansPDF
Zoning Bd Agenda 9-8-20PDF
Zoning Bd Agenda 8-11-20PDF
Zoning Bd Agenda 7-14-20PDF
Zoning Bd Agenda 4-13-21PDF
Zoning Bd Agenda 12-8-20PDF
Zoning Bd Agenda 11-10-20PDF
Zoning Bd Agenda 10/29/19PDF
Zoning Bd Agenda 10-8-19PDF
Zoning Bd 10-13-20PDF
Zoning Bd 1-12-21PDF
Zoning ApplicationPermit and Certificate of Compliance – Zoning ApplicationPDF
ZBA 5-11-21PDF
Truck TurningPDF
Storm Water Management PlanPDF
Soil Permit ApplicationPDF
Site RenderingPDFMissing Attachment
Planning/Zoning Board Applicationfor site plans, subdivisions and use variancesPDF
Planning Bd Meeting Notice 8-4-20PDF
Planning Bd Dial In 9-15-20PDF
Planning Bd Dial in 9-1-20PDF
Planning Bd Agenda 8-4-20PDF
Planning Bd 9-15-20PDF
Civil PlansPDF
Architectural Plans & ElevationsPDF
Arch Exhibit A-2PDF
Arch Exhibit A-1PDF
Arch Exhibit A-1PDF
Aerial ExhibitsPDF

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