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Cedar Grove Residents Only. Clinic and Team programs will be offered. Participants will train for various field events including; running, long jump and turbo javelin. The 4th-8th grade team will compete in meets with surrounding townships.

Children – Grades 1-3 Clinic (clinic has limited space); Grades 4-8 Team (will participate in meets)


Cedar Grove Residents Only. Clinics will be supervised by veteran and accomplished player, Lynne DiGiacomo. These clinics are provided to teach and demonstrate the basics of the game and having fun while doing so! Participants will not be permitted to switch classes. You must only attend clinic on the day you have registered for. Children  must bring a racket (there is an option to purchase one upon registration)

Children – Ages 5 to 14. Limited to 12 children per age group.


Cedar Grove Residents Only. Cedar Grove Soccer Club’s, Coach Maria and the CG Recreation Department have joined together to offer a Developmental Soccer Program. This program will be coached by instructors from CSF Soccer Academy and volunteer parents. It is an opportunity for kids to learn the sport of soccer while having FUN! Shin guards are required for all participants!

Children – Ages 4 to 11 (separated by age; LIMITED CLASS SIZES)


Cedar Grove Suburban coach, Jim O’Hagan and Rowan University Alumni Erica O’Hagan. This program will teach the basics of volleyball while having fun at the same time!

Girls, Grades 4 through 8


Participants will learn the fundamental skills of soccer, including dribbling, passing, shooting and defending. Players will be taught through structured activities, fun games, and scrimmages. Shin Guards, Sneakers and a Soccer Ball.

Children – Grades 1-8


This 8 week gross/fine motor skills class for ages 2-4 with their care giver, will include a series of warm ups, across the floor and introduction of a movement theme. Kinetic Kidz is based on the four elements of dance: Body, Space, Time and Force. This class will mentor caregivers on how to incorporate more movement based activities within their toddler’s days. (One care giver per child is required)

Children – Ages 2-4 (with caregiver)


What to wear: Comfortable clothes with sneakers. Ballet slippers may also be worn. Creative Movement, is an introduction to dance for pre-school children ages 4-6. The class teaches the basics of self-expression through movement, visualization and audio associations.  With the use of props and music, the children will explore the 4 elements of creative dance: body, space, force and time.  This class will include a series of warm ups, across the floor and introduction of a movement theme.   This class will also enhance balance; coordination, musicality and future develop motor skills. 

Children – Ages 4-6


This eight week course will introduce the students to acting, singing, and dancing and the world of musical theatre. They will focus on learning the terminology of the theatre, creating a character, vocalization, creative writing and choreography. For the acting segment of this class, we will focus on improvisation, as we free each actor of their inhibitions. Acting is important for children of all ages, as it strengthens their self-esteem. At the end of the 8 week course we will have an informal showing of the work we have accomplished.

Children – Grades 3 through 8

RHINO DEN: Fun House & Jr. Strength/Conditioning Programs

FUN HOUSE: In this 8-week program, Coach Rob of Rhino Den, will use bands, ladders, obstacle courses and other easy to use equipment, to provide the best speed & agility training sessions for your child! Why is strength training important for youth? When done properly, strength training can; increase muscle strength and endurance, help protect your child’s muscles and joints from injuries, as well as help improve your child’s performance in nearly any sport. Strength training (or resistance exercise) increases muscle strength by making muscles work against a weight or force.

JR. STRENGTH & CONDITIONING: The CGJRSCP will be powered by Rhino Den This program will cover proper movement patterns and techniques required in training for both competitive (athletes/athletics) and non-competitive (Recreational trainers) attendees. This program will cover basic training techniques using body weight training, weighted balls, resistance bands and sleds. Attendees will be up through an athletic warm up and a challenging bodyweight routine. This program will be progressive as it proceeds through the 8 weeks. Consistency in attendance of this program will be imperative.

Fun House: Children – Ages 4-9 (separated by age; LIMITED CLASS SIZES)

Jr. Strength & Conditioning: Children – Ages 10-12 (LIMITED CLASS SIZES)


Former elementary STEM teacher, Larry “Doc” Siegel, introduces the Engineering Design Process to young engineers who will build towers, bridges, egg catchers and more. They will collaborate, brainstorm solutions, design, construct, test and present 3D solutions. No child is too young to think like an engineer. After all, it’s about thinking!!! For more information visit, www.drstempresents.com.

Children – Ages 4 thru Grade 5

Competition Cheer Evaluations & Tryouts

Cedar Grove Residents Only. Youth K-8th grade are eligible to participate. Teams will be chosen based on age, experience and skill level. Exhibition, Level 1 or Level 2. Competition Cheer is a true team sport, therefore practices are mandatory and are held Tuesdays and Thursdays in the Fall and Winter. There will also be mandatory choreography and stunt clinics. Competition season runs January through March with 6-8 local competitions and potentially one national event (Atlantic City or Hershey Park Pennsylvania, PA).

Grades K-Age 10 will participate in Evaluations – – Ages 11+ will participate in TRYOUTS (must be able to do a back-handspring to tryout)

Children – Grades K-8 in September

NEW PROGRAM! Tech is KEY – Keyboarding I

Offered by former Elementary Principal and Business Education instructors, Loraine and Alicia Gammaro. In this 10-week program, children will master the fundamentals of keyboarding, using a fun, individualized application. They will learn proper hand placement and navigation of the board through reach position techniques. Typing speed and accuracy skills will build as we progress through Part I, making school and homework assignments much easier! No more staring at the keyboard to find letters! Digital literacy promotes the ability to use tools and technology to work, learn and interact along with reinforcement of vocabulary, spelling, word recognition and research skills. Children will have the opportunity to continue in upcoming program seasons, with additional classes offered: Keyboarding II, Google Applications and Kids’ Money Matters, where students are introduced to Financial Literacy!


Children – Grades K-4 (separated by grade)

US Sports Institute Pre-K & Squirt Programs

The US Sports Institute in conjunction with the Cedar Grove Rec Department, will hold programs for Pre-K ages, including; Soccer Squirt, T-Ball Squirt, Multi-Sport Squirt AND NEW FLAG FOOTBALL CAMP programs. Registration is done through the US Sports Institute website, not the Township Recreation Department. CLICK HERE to visit the US Sports Page with information fliers and registration link.

Spring Program Applications

Tennis Clinics – Session IICedar Grove Children Ages 5-14; classes separated by agePDF
Tennis Clinics – Session ICedar Grove Children Ages 5-14; classes separated by agePDF
Tech is KEYChildren grades K-4; classes separated by gradePDF
Spring TrackCedar Grove Children: Grades 1-3 CLINIC (limited space) & Grades 4-8 TEAM. DEADLINE MARCH 8thPDF
Spring Break Soccer Camp with the WizardsChildren Grades 1-8PDF
Rhino Den Jr. Strength & ConditioningChildren Ages 10-12PDF
Rhino Den Fun HouseChildren 4-9; classes separated by agePDF
Music TheaterGrades 3-5; 6:00p & 7:00p sessions availablePDF
Kinetic Kidz (with care giver)Ages 2-4 (with care giver); Limited Class SizePDF
Girls Volleyball ClinicGirls grades 4-8; classes separated by gradePDF
Dr. STEMChildren ages 4 thru Gr 5; classes separated by age/gradePDF
Development Soccer ClinicCedar Grove Children Ages 4-11; Classes separated by agePDF
Creative MovementAges 4-6; Limited Class SizePDF
Competition Cheerleading Evaluations & TryoutsFOR 2024-25 SEASON; Grade K-Age 11, evaluations — Ages 12+, tryoutsPDF

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