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This Municipal Stormwater Management Plan (MSWMP) documents the strategy for the Township of Cedar Grove (“the Township”) to address stormwater-related impacts. The creation of this plan is required by N.J.A.C 7:14A-25 – municipal Stormwater Regulations. This plan contains all of the required elements described in N.J.A.C 7:8 Storm water Management Rules.  The plan addresses groundwater recharge, stormwater quantity, and stormwater quality impacts by incorporating stormwater design and performance standards for new major development, defined as projects that disturb one or more acre of land or result in 1/4 acre of new impervious surface. These standards are intended to minimize the adverse impact of stormwater runoff on water quality and water quantity and the loss of groundwater recharge that provides baseflow in receiving water bodies. The plan describes long-term operation and maintenance measures for existing and future stormwater facilities.


The goals of this MSWMP are to:

  • reduce flood damage, including damage to life and property;
  • minimize, to the extent practical, any increase in stormwater runoff from any new development;
  • reduce soil erosion from any development or construction project;
  • assure the adequacy of existing and proposed culverts and bridges, and other in-stream structures;
  • maintain groundwater recharge;
  • prevent, to the greatest extent feasible, an increase in nonpoint pollution;
  • maintain the integrity of stream channels for their biological functions, as well as for drainage;
  • mini pollutants in stormwater runoff from new and existing development to restore, enhance, and maintain the chemical, physical, and biological integrity of the waters of the state, to protect public health, to safeguard fish and aquatic life and scenic and ecological values, and to enhance the domestic, municipal, recreational, industrial, and other uses of water; and
  • protect public safety through the proper design and operation of stormwater basins.

To achieve these goals, this plan outlines specific stormwater design and performance standards for new development. Additionally, the plan proposes stormwater management controls to address impacts from existing development. Preventative and corrective maintenance strategies are included in the plan to ensure long-term effectiveness of stormwater management facilities. The plan also outlines safety standards for stormwater infrastructure to be implemented to protect public safety.

To learn more about Township of Cedar Point’s Municipal Stormwater Management Plan, please download the PDF document below.

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