Council Meeting Schedule & Documents 2015

Regular Public Meetings

Will be held the first Monday of the month, excluding holidays, in the Council Chambers, Municipal Building, 525 Pompton Avenue, Cedar Grove, NJ at 7:00 p.m. on the dates listed below.

Conference/Staff Meetings

Will be held the third Monday of the month, excluding holidays, in the 2nd Floor Conference Room, Municipal Building, 525 Pompton Avenue, Cedar Grove, NJ at 7:00 p.m. on the dates listed below.

Take note that official action will be taken at Regular Meetings and may be taken at any Conference/Staff Meeting. Regular and Conference/Staff Meetings are open to the public. Executive sessions may take place at Regular Meetings or Conference Meetings and are not open to the public.

The Township Council has the right to schedule additional meetings in accordance with the Open Public Meetings Act.

Meeting Date Purpose
January 5 Regular Meeting
January 12 Conference/Staff Meeting
February 2 Regular Meeting
February 9 Conference/Staff Meeting
March 2 Regular Meeting
March 16 Special Public and Conference/Staff Meeting
April 6 Regular Meeting
April 20 Conference/Staff Meeting
May 4 Regular Meeting
May 18 Conference/Staff Meeting
June 1 Regular Meeting
June 15 Conference/Staff Meeting
July 1 Reorganization Meeting
July 20 Regular Meeting
August 10 Regular Meeting
August 26 Special Public Meeting
September 14 Regular Meeting
September 21 Conference/Staff Meeting
October 19 Regular Meeting
October 26 Conference/Staff Meeting
November 2 Regular Meeting
November 16 Conference/Staff Meeting
December 7* Regular Meeting
December 21 Conference/Staff Meeting

*Meeting commences immediately following the annual Christmas Tree Lighting.

Council Management Documents

2015-12-21 Council Staff Meeting MinutesPDF
2015-12-21 Council Staff Meeting AgendaPDF
2015-12-07 Council Meeting MinutesPDF
2015-12-07 Council Meeting AgendaPDF
2015-11-16 Council Staff Meeting MinutesPDF
2015-11-16 Council Staff Meeting AgendaPDF
2015-11-02 Council Meeting MinutesPDF
2015-11-02 Council Meeting AgendaPDF
2015-10-26 Council Staff Meeting MinutesPDF
2015-10-26 Council Staff Meeting AgendaPDF
2015-10-19 Council Meeting MinutesPDF
2015-10-19 Council Meeting AgendaPDF
2015-09-21 Council Staff Meeting MinutesPDF
2015-09-21 Council Staff Meeting AgendaPDF
2015-09-14 Council Meeting MinutesPDF
2015-09-14 Council Meeting AgendaPDF
2015-08-26 Special Public Council Meeting MinutesPDF
2015-08-26 Special Public Council Meeting AgendaPDF
2015-08-10 Council Meeting MinutesPDF
2015-08-10 Council Meeting AgendaPDF
2015-07-20 Council Meeting MinutesPDF
2015-07-20 Council Meeting AgendaPDF
2015-07-01 Council Reorganization Meeting MinutesPDF
2015-07-01 Council Reorganization Meeting AgendaPDF
2015-06-15 Council Staff Meeting MinutesPDF
2015-06-15 Council Staff Meeting AgendaPDF
2015-06-01 Council Meeting MinutesPDF
2015-06-01 Council Meeting AgendaPDF
2015-05-18 Council Staff Meeting MinutesPDF
2015-05-18 Council Staff Meeting AgendaPDF
2015-05-04 Council Meeting MinutesPDF
2015-05-04 Council Meeting AgendaPDF
2015-04-20 Council Staff Meeting MinutesPDF
2015-04-20 Council Staff Meeting AgendaPDF
2015-04-06 Council Meeting MinutesPDF
2015-04-06 Council Meeting AgendaPDF
2015-03-16 Special Council Meeting MinutesPDF
2015-03-16 Special Council Meeting AgendaPDF
2015-03-16 Council Staff Meeting MinutesPDF
2015-03-16 Council Staff Meeting AgendaPDF
2015-03-02 Council Meeting MinutesPDF
2015-03-02 Council Meeting AgendaPDF
2015-02-09 Council Staff Meeting MinutesPDF
2015-02-09 Council Staff Meeting AgendaPDF
2015-02-02 Council Meeting MinutesPDF
2015-02-02 Council Meeting AgendaPDF
2015-01-12 Council Staff Meeting MinutesPDF
2015-01-12 Council Staff Meeting AgendaPDF
2015-01-05 Council Meeting MinutesPDF
2015-01-05 Council Meeting AgendaPDF

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